[MLE] Language Conf in B'desh in June 09

Dear MLE friends, It is not to often that languages conferences are hold within our region. This year there will be one in B’desh. The website says: 8th International Language and Development Conference Dhaka , Bangladesh from 23 to 25 June 2009. The conference has a strong focus on providing a forum for examining important issues related to language policy, language learning and language teaching in the context of the developing world and, in particular, from the perspective of policy makers, language and literacy educators, development professionals and donors.

[MLE] MLE videos on YouTube

Dear MLE friends, Some people rather watch a video than reading a document on MLE. The videos that were produced a while ago by UNESCO Bangkok (In collaboration with SIL) are now on YouTube: Using modern technology for advocacy!

[MLE] Jharkhand | Now, read Shakespeare in Santhali

Dear MLE friends, “ Now, read Shakespeare in Santhali - Orissa writer translates Midsummer Night’s Dream, comes up with T-shirts & handbags to popularise Ol Chiki script”

[MLE] 2009 Education for All Global Monitoring Report Available

Dear MLE friends, “ The medium of instruction had statistically significant effects: if at least half of schools offer the opportunity to learn in a home language, attendance rises by approximately 10% (Smits et al., 2008).”  And some more interesting statements below.

[MLE] Report on Oct-2008 MLE Conference, BBSR

Dear MLE friends, Orissa Primary Education Programme Authority ( OPEPA) in collaboration with UNICEF, Orissa organised last October a National Conference on Tribal Education with Special Focus on Multilingual Education . Attached is a report which gives a summary of all the papers presented. These presentations are very relevant as several of the people who presented are well aware of the grass-roots situation. 55 pages of experiences, reflections and suggestions!

[ MLE] The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (2008) Vol17, No 2

Dear MLE friends, Some of you might be interested in the below announcement.

[MLE] UKLA Research Grants and Awards

Dear MLE friends, May the below mentioned sponsor can fund some research on MLE? Check it out!