[MLE] New Publications from UNESCO Bangkok

Dear friends interested in Multi Lingual Education (MLE),
I thought the below mentioned publications might be of interest to you.

Karsten van Riezen
Education Consultant
SIL, South Asia Group.
First Language First: Community-based Literacy Programmes for Minority Language Contexts in AsiaBangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2005, 220p.
ISBN 92-9223-052-2

PDF file, 2.6 MB

This is an important publication for SIL, as many SIL colleagues have contributed to this book. For example, some 50 percent of the foreword by director of UNESCO Bangkok is actually penned by SIL.

This book is basically a report of a workshop organised last year. It also has a couple of "resource papers" that provide background information on the use of minority languages in education. They have been written by Susan Malone and myself.

Catherine Young has played a major role in getting this book out. Several chapters are credited to her, and she spent hours editing the draft texts, and I think she basically had to rewrite a couple of country reports. The title is also Catherine's.

I do trust that you find at least some of the contents interesting and useful.
Part 1: Outcomes of the Workshop
Chapter 1: Overview on the Use of Local Language in Education in South-East Asia
Chapter 2: Project Overview and Country Summary Reports
Chapter 3: Community Mobilization and Identification of Learning Needs
Chapter 4: Developing Minority Language Writing Systems
Chapter 5: Developing Teaching/Learning Materials and Graded Reading Materials
Chapter 6: Field Visit and Reflections on Observation of Pilot Programme
Chapter 7: Training for Facilitators of Community-based Literacy Programmes
Chapter 8: Strategies and Tools for Evaluation
Chapter 9: Strategies for Government Policy and Sustainability

Part II: Resource Papers and Full Country Reports
Susan Malone “Education for Multilingualism and Multi-literacy in Ethnic
Minority Communities: The Situation in Asia

Kimmo Kosonen “The Role of Language in Learning: What Does International
Research Say?” 

Kimmo Kosonen “Education in Local Languages: Policy and Practice in
Southeast Asia 

Synthesis of Country Reports

Country Reports
Annex 1: Workshop Programmes
Annex 2: List of Participants


Highland Children's Education Project: A Pilot Project on Bilingual Education in CambodiaText by Jorn Middelborg
Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2005, 46p.
ISBN 92-9223-043-3

PDF File, 591 KB

This is a case study on a pilot project on bilingual formal education in Cambodia
Executive Summary
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Defining the Highland Children's Education Project (HCEP)
Chapter Three: Implementation of the Highland Children's Education Project
Chapter Four: Networking, Sustainability and Expansion
A report on UN Literacy Decade activities in the region:

PDF file, 2.2 MB

There's a section on SIL activities on UNLD in Asia. Unfortunately it includes a lot of mistakes and misinformation. SIL was not given the proofs to check, and we were not told that such publication is in the making.

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