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[MLE] Today is Mother Language Day!

Dear MLE friends, Congratulations, today is Mother Language Day ! This occasion started in our neighbouring country, Bangladesh. Read more about how they are marking this day (including a summary of the history): A UNESCO focussed press release is here: Enjoy this day, talk about it will colleagues and celebrate your own Mother Tongue!

[MLE] Local Languages in the Schools of Himachal

Dear MLE Friends , Some state governments take the language of instruction issue of the Right to Education Act quite seriously. According to the Hindi newspaper Amar Ujala the Himachal Pradesh government has decided to have the teachers use the local languages in teaching the different subjects in the schools. If this is indeed going to get implemented that would be very innovative. Books and articles The site now has a separate page on MLE related books and articles . Check it out and let us know if relevant publications are missing. See Full article in Hindi