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[MLE] UKLA Research Grants and Awards

Dear MLE friends, May the below mentioned sponsor can fund some research on MLE? Check it out!

[MLE] Article on the Adivasi Academy in Gujarat

Dear MLE friends, This morning I read in The Hindu about an attempt by the   Adivasi Academy (Prof Ganesh Devy) to document the language and culture of 5 tribal groups in Gujarat . Good to note that this is getting newspaper coverage.

Fwd: [MLE] NMRC Newsletter V; "as far as possible"

Dear MLE friends, The National Multilingual Education Resource Consortium (NMRC) from JNU is producing a newsletter with quality articles on MLE. The latest newsletter is no exception on that. It does focus on the "as far as possible" phrase tagged to the mother tongue reference in the Right to Education act.  Some topics: Prof Anvita Abbi : "Don't kill my Mother (tongue)" Sara Poehlman: "Mother Tongue Instruction 'as far as practicable' as Child's' right" Sara Poehlman: "Story telling for effective language transition in Assam Tea Gardens" Sikshi Manocha: "Witnessing the change" (a powerful testimony on the impact of MLE in the Saora community in Orissa) Check it out yourself at (Note: 4.5MB!)