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Multilingual Education Course, November 7-18, 2022 Guwahati, Assam

During this 10-day, face-to-face course ,  participants will be introduced to foundational concepts in MLE.  They will then survey a number of practical techniques for developing language-sensitive learning materials.  Finally, there will be a brief exposure to teaching methods which leverage the learner's home language in the classroom. You can find the announcement also on this tweet , and this LinkedIn announcement .  2022 November 7-18, 2022, Guwahati, Assam Links : Register for updates &  Application By the end of this course the participants will be able to: Explain key principles relating to the aims, goals and implementation of strong MTB-MLE programs. Explain key theories relating to teaching and learning in MLE programs Connect theoretical concepts with relevant national/state curriculum competencies Describe how teaching materials support literacy development in L1 and L2 Understand the process of creating early teaching materials in the L1 Describe effective strate

[MLE] MLE Certificate Course in India

Quality Training for teachers and policy makers on the topic of Multilingual Education has always been a challenge. It is therefore good to note that a Certificate Course is under development in collaboration with Guwahati University.

[MLE] Report on the MLE bridging workshop at Bangkok

Dear MLE friends, Out of the 80 participants from 20 countries 4 people from India attended the Workshop on Bridging Between Languages in Mother Tongue-Based Bilingual/Multilingual Education in Bangkok last month. The India participants were from Guwahati University (Dr Anita Tamuli & Prafulla Basumatari), Promotion & Advocacy for Justice, Harmony & Rights for Adivasis , PAJHRA (Luke Horo) and Center for Tribal Culture and Art Society (Ft Mahipal Bhuriya).