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[MLE] UNESCO's Task Force on Languages and Multilingualism

Dear Interest group, It seems the interest in MLE from the international community is still on the rise. Read below about a new task force set up within UNESCO on Languages and Multilingualism. The official Unesco info on that you can find on

[MLE] Progress report: Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Dear MLE Interest group, Several of you are involved in advocacy for indigenous people groups. In such cases it is nice to have the back-up of international high level documents.

[MLE] Indian row over English teaching (2)

Dear MLE Interest group, Prof Rajesh Sachdeva of Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL) informed us below of the CIIL response to this discussion.

[MLE] Indian row over English teaching

Dear MLE interest group, For those of you who do not have an Indian newspaper you might not be aware of this interesting controversy in Karnataka, one of the southern states in India.

[MLE] Google launches literacy portal

Dear Interest group, For those who like browsing, Google launched a literacy portal. It is easy to take look: .

[MLE] "Interfaces in Multilingualism" (book)

Dear MLE Interest group, The more scholarly folks among us might be interested in the below announcement of a Research Center on Multilingualism at the Univeristy of Hamburg. Look at the details at The folks of that instutute wrote a book "Interfaces in Multilingualism" which is discussed below.

[MLE] id21EducationNews 42; FOCUS ON: Mother tongue education

Dear MLE interest group., id21EducationNews is a free electronic newsletter. You can  read more about this newsletter at the bottom of the text. The below issue is totally focussed on MLE which means it contains about 10 short articles about the topic. Some of these articles have been distributed to you through this mailing list in other occasions. The newsletter gives only a brief abstract of the papers. To actually get the paper you have to send an e-mail or click on the given link below the abstract.

[MLE] FW: India: two messages

Dear Interest group, I suppose most of you have been following the discussions in Karnataka on the issue of medium of instruction. Just in case you missed it, below are two brief articles on the issue.