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[MLE] Report of MLE Workshop now online

Dear MLE-interest group,
At the below mentioned workshop two people from India were present:
·         Dr. Mahendra K. Mishra, Government Orissa
·         Mr. Nasiruddin Khan, NCERT, Language Dept
You might like to take note of the recommendations that came out of this workshop.

Karsten van Riezen
Education Consultant, SIL Int.
SIL, South Asia Group.

From: Kimmo Kosonen
Sent: 18 August 2006 06:37
Subject: Report of MLE Workshop now online


Dear Colleagues,
A report of a recent multilingual education workshop organized by SIL International and Mahidol university is now available online at UNESCO's Asia-Pacific Education for All website.

Best regards,

EFA News
17-08-06 14:10

Governments encouraged to adopt Multilingual Education for Ethnic Minorities

Workshop lists recommendations for countries
Education practitioners from different countries, government officials, UN and NGO representatives, and members of minority communities met in Thailand last month to discuss relevant issues and plan for multilingual education (MLE) for ethnic minority communities.

They called on governments to implement and incorporate multilingual education into educational systems where there are linguistic minority communities.

A series of specific recommendations for governments, Ministries of Education, and for communities were also drafted at the conclusion of the Workshop on Multilingual Education for Ethnic Minority Communities held from 10-21 July 2006 in Bangkok. The workshop was organized by SIL International and Mahidol University’s Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development, and also included participants from UNESCO, Save the Children and CARE.

Among the recommendations were for Governments to ensure that education in the first language (L1) be provided for each student from minority language communities before introducing education in a language the student does not know, and that bridging into education in the minority language (L2) be done in a principled and pedagogically sound manner.

Other major recommendations made during the workshop were:
• All children should be assured of equity and quality in education
• Every living language has the potential to be an effective means of instruction
• Children’s rights to education through their mother tongue should be recognized as the guiding principle of all governmental policies and programmes in education
• Meaningful communication is the essential basis for all aspects of education
• Children are motivated and achieve a better academic success when their first language (L1) and culture is the basis of classroom learning during pre-primary and primary education

The workshop was organized as a response to problems ethnic minority learners who do not speak the language of instruction in schools are facing. The workshop was aimed at building people’s capacity to plan, implement and sustain strong MLE programs.

To read the full list of recommendations, download the Workshop Report (pdf/83KB). For more information, e-mail

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Dear Kimmo,

Sorry for the delay but I have finally uploaded the Workshop Report to the EFA Website and wrote an article based on it.

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