[MLE] UKLA Research Grants and Awards

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The UK Literacy Association (UKLA) grants are available to members with an interest in exploring a specific aspect of literacy through systematic research-based enquiry. Grants of up to £3000 are awarded by the UKLA Research Committee.

Grants are awarded on an annual basis and are considered at two points during the year: in early October and early March. Applications should be submitted before 1st October for projects that start from November onwards, or 1st March for projects that start from April onwards.

Grants can be used to pay for supply cover to release teachers, for materials and for travel costs. However, grants cannot be used to cover the fees of an award-bearing course although the research undertaken may be part of accredited post-graduate study the teacher is undertaking.

UKLA will make a decision regarding any award based on
·      the relevance of the proposal to the aims and interests of UKLA
·      the clarity of the aims of the proposal
·      the suitability of the suggested methodology and the timescales
·      the appropriateness of the budget

The committee may make an award, may reject the application or may make an award pending some adjustment to the proposal.

For more information, click http://www.ukla.org/site/about/