[MLE] MLE Resource Centre Website launched

Dear MLE friends,
Yesterday I visited the new MLE resource centre hosted by Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), sponsored by Unicef. They now have their own office on the campus and also have a nice website: http://www.nmrc-jnu.org/
The website already contains several good MLE related articles, has book references, pictures and other things. There is also a way to register yourself to subscribe to a newsletter: Worth doing!

Karsten van Riezen
Education Consultant, SIL Int.
SIL, South Asia Group.

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Steering Committee
Prof. A.K. Mohanty – ZHCES, JNU
Dr. Minati Panda – ZHCES, JNU
Chief Education, UNICEF, Delhi
Director, Elementary Education, MHRD
Chairperson of ZHCES, SSS, JNU
Director, NCERT
Director, CIIL
Mr. Dhir Jhingran – Director Room to Read Asia
Prof. Pramod Pandey, Centre for Linguistics, JNU.