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Long term impact is what really matters. However longitudinal  research is rare. The  Young Lives Project  is a long-term international research project"investigating the changing nature of childhood poverty". India has been chosen as one of their focus countries. The question is asked: "What does the future hold for the 2000 Young Lives index children born in the state of Andhra Pradesh?". As mother tongue is part of the data documented, this research is also relevant to language and education issues.

Some findings of the 2008 second round of survey in India http://www.younglives.org.uk/countries/india/index_html:
"We  found  that  household  and  community characteristics  greatly  influence  children’s  outcomes, particularly ethnicity, the rural-urban divide (which affects access to services among other things) and parents’  levels  of  education.  Household wealth  is  an  important  determinant  of  child  outcomes.Interestingly, maternal education has a stronger impact on nutrition,while the father’s education is a more important determinant of enrolment.   "

On the website you can subscribe to a newsletter if you want to be kept informed about this research. By the way, the research started already several years ago, it is just that I only learned about it recently thanks to a tip from Kirk Person.



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