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Two items came in after the reports on the Right to Education act.

Sanjeev Rai, National Manager-Education, Save the Children India, raises the complicated issue of the language constrains for children of migrant labourers:

Language of instruction has become a major obstacle  before children of migrant labourers .No school could deny admission of these migrant children but  without ensuring proper provisions in the  destination schools children can’t stay  there. Save the Children has been working with the seasonal  migrant children from Jharkhand staying with their parents near Brick Kilns of West Bengal. The medium of instruction in elementary schools of West Bengal  is Bangla  and Hindi  for the  Jharkhand so inter-state coordination  must be in place to ensure the realization of Right to Education by the marginalized children of the country.”

Despite all the talk about progress Dr Jandhyala B G Tilak of NUEPA wrote a sobering article in the latest issue of NORRAG news (Norrag: Network for Policy Research, Review and Advice on Education and Training) . The article points out that India scores surprisingly poorly on the Education Development Index. A quote:
"... Similarly, according to the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010 (UNESCO), India’s rank was 105 among 128 countries and continues to figure, along with a bunch of African countries, and one or two Asian, such as Pakistan and Bangladesh, in the group of  countries of low educational development index (EDI).  (...) All this would be quite puzzling to all those who also read at the same time that there has been tremendous progress in India during the current decade. (...)
Earlier research has shown that children dropout of the schools for three kinds of reasons:  (a) schools are not attractive; (b) economic constraints (poverty, direct costs of schooling and child labour) do not allow continuation in schools and (c) other reasons including lack of tradition in going to or continuing in schools.  These factors are also important almost in the same order: the unattractive school facilities are the most important ones that push the children out of schools; economic constraints also matter very much, though they matter more for enrolment of children in schools than for the continuation of children in schools; and ‘other’ reasons are not that important.  ..."
See for the whole article: http://www.norrag.org/issues/article/1302/en/india-ranked-at-105-in-the-education-for-all-development-index.html?PHPSESSID=379ca1fcf2c56d4c2b5caa1d57651187 (Thanks to Susan Malone for the tip)


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