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Each year ASER does extensive research on the impact that education makes. Their research data is highly valued, not only in the NGO world but also by the government itself.

The 2010 report shows as well progress as declines. The press report states regarding the reading skills:
Even after five years in school, close to half of all children are not even at the level expected of them after two years in school. Only 53.4% children in Std V could read a Std II level text.
The Calcutta edition of the Telegraph reports "Tribal heartland betters its report card", this is given as the reason:
Santhal Pargana Gram Rachna Sansthan, the NGO that helped in survey work in Godda, credited the district's performance to maximum involvement of para-teachers, school teachers and Integrated Child Development Services centres. These units, set up under a Centre-sponsored scheme, addresses health and nutrition needs of children in every village. "During the survey, we found out that contribution of local para-teachers towards development of reading and learning skills of children was immense," said in-charge of the NGO, Babita Singh. Echoing her, Gautam Sagar of Bokaro's Sahyogini added: "In the absence of regular government teachers, para-teachers have played a big role in increasing the students' interest level."
Challenges are stated too:
On the flip side, the report did mention that if children in the primary section were doing well, their performance level fell as they graduated to higher classes. "If 88.5 per cent of Dumka's children in Classes I and II could read and recognise Hindi words, only 66.7 per cent were able to do so in Classes III to V," Katyayani added.
There are several more articles written on this report. Just Google "ASER Report"


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