[MLE] Language, Education and the Millennium Development Goals Conference - Nov. 9-11, 2010

Dear MLE friends,

After the below language related conference announcement was send out, several of you asked for more details. At that time they were available but now it is. See attached.

Hopefully several people from India will present papers and attend this conference!



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[MLE]Language, Education and the Millennium Development Goals Conference - Nov. 9-11, 201006-01-2010 16:48:47
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Dear MLE friends

First of all: ahappynew year to you! The first MLE related announcement that I receivedthis year is quite exciting:

The 1stInternationalConference on “Language, Education and the Millennium DevelopmentGoals” will be held November 9-11 in Bangkok, Thailandsponsored by aconsortium of organizations from the Asia MultilingualEducation WorkingGroup, particularly: UNESCO, UNICEF, SEAMEO, Mahidol University, SILInternational and Save the Children.

Join withrepresentatives from government and intergovernmental agencies,NGOs,academics and local community organizations during a three-dayforum todialogue about the state of development of ethnolinguisticminorities,the relevance of local languages, and how to developprograms and policies that better reach these under served groups.

Please read theattached conference announcement for the purpose and objectives of theconference.  More information on the conference program, fees, andvenuewill be available in February 2010. Please contact: s.custer@unescobkk.orgor j.lindeberg@unesco.orgformoreinformation.
Ihopeseveral people from India will be able to attend.


Education Consultant, SIL Int.

SIL,South Asia Group

Recommended website: http://www.nmrc-jnu.org/
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