[MLE] MLE Certificate Program; Payap University 11 Oct - 6 Nov 2010

Dear MLE Friends,
Last year a couple of people from South Asia participated in the MLE MA level course Payap University in ChiangMai offers in Thailand. In 2010 it will be offered again from Oct 11 till Nov 6th. The details are attached.



Karsten van Riezen
Education Consultant, SIL Int.

SIL, South Asia Group
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Linguistics and  Literacy / Multilingual Education
Sponsored by Payap University Linguistics Department

This course set is designed to provide the basic knowledge required to begin working in the fields of Literacy or Multi Lingual Education.

By completing the certificate a student enrolled in the MA Linguistics program would complete 12 course credits toward a Masters degree in Linguistics. Please contact the Linguistics Department for further information on degree program requirements and for applying to the program.

Students who successfully complete the courses will receive a certificate in "Linguistics for Literacy and Multilingual Education".

Students with a good background in language and culture acquisition would not be required to take the Certificate in Language and Culture Acquisition.

The complete Certificate program for 2010 includes:

11 Jan - 4 Feb. Certificate in Language and Culture Acquisition
AL507 Language and Culture Acquisition

8 Feb – 25 May Certificate in Foundational Linguistics
AL501 Articulatory Phonetics* 8 Feb – 26 March 2010
AL502 Phonology* 15 Feb – 2 April 2010
Thai New Year/Hot Season Break 3- 18 April
AL503 Grammar* 19 April – 25 May 2010

7 June – 1 Oct. Certificate in Linguistics for Literacy Workers
AL605 Grammatical Analysis June 7 - July 30 (optional for non-MA)
AL603 Phonological Analysis June 7 - July 30 (tentative)
AL607 Sociolinguistics Aug 9 - Oct 1
AL732 Principles of Literacy Aug 9 - Oct 1

11 Oct - 6 Nov Certificate in Multi Lingual Education with Dennis and Susan Malone
AL753 Topics in Linguistic Applications

Nov 9 – 27 Modules including: Basic Principles of Ethnomusicology and Arts for MLE, Ethnography, Sociolinguistics, Anthropology, Literacy/MLE Practicum - (details to be finalized later)

*these courses are non-credit upper level undergraduate courses covering material required for entrance to the MA Linguistics program.