[MLE] New UNESCO publication: Improving the Quality of Mother Tongue-based Literacy and Learning

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UNESCO Bangkok released last week their latest publication on L1-based education. The book includes case studies from about 19 initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America. There is also a study on India written by Dr Barkataki of the  State Resource Centre in Assam. The book can be downloaded from the net. See details below.

Karsten van Riezen
Education Consultant, SIL Int.
SIL, South Asia Group.

Improving the Quality of Mother Tongue-based Literacy and Learning: Case Studies from Asia, Africa and South America. Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2007 (KK: I don't know why this is the year of publication).
This publication is a compilation of articles and ideas that were presented at the regional workshop of representatives from country projects supported by the Asia-Pacific Programme of Education for All(APPEAL) in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 18 to 22 June 2007, hosted by UNESCO Dhaka.

The electronic version of the book (PDF, 1.95 MB) is available on UNESCO's website at :

Hard copies can be requested from: appeal@unescobkk.org

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Summary Overview
Mother Tongue-based Education in Multi-lingual Contexts 1
Part I: Case Studies from Asia 13
Afghanistan 14
Bangladesh 28
Cambodia 44
China 50
India 53
Indonesia 58
Lao PDR 69
Malaysia 74
Nepal 81
Philippines 89
Thailand 97
Viet Nam 106
Part II: Case Studies from Africa 113
Burkina Faso 114
Cameroon 124
Ghana 134
South Africa 142
Tanzania 150
Uganda 157
Part III: A Case Study from South America 167
Bolivia 168