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A new MLE newsletter has been started by the Asia Multilingual Education Working Group under the Thematic Working Group on Education for All. See below. It seems very worthwhile to subscribe. Thanks to Dave Pearson for the tip.



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 Thematic Working Group on Education for All (TWG- EFA)

Multilingual Education Newsletter

Issue 1   |   Asia Multilingual Education Working Group

MLE in the News

 · Language Key in Delivering AIDS message - China Daily; 1 Mar. 2011
· Seems the Brits never left - The Business Times; 18 Feb. 2011
· Education in mother tongue showing some signs of promise - Rep├║blica; 9 Feb. 2011
· What the MTL review aims to achieve - The Straits Times; 20 Jan. 2011
· South Africa’s Languages: Tongues under threat - English is dangerously dominant - The Economist; 20 Jan. 2011
· Seven questions for K. David Harrison - The Economist; 23 Nov. 2010
· Shanghai Struggles to save disappearing language - CNN International; 22 Nov. 2010



· The International Conference on Language, Education and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), 2011

· Getting ready for school in the Chittagong Hill Tracts: A comparative analysis of mother-tongue– and national-language-based preschools in Adivasi communities by  Gowri Vijayakumar
· Starting Where the Children Are by Ricardo MA. Duran Nolasco, Francisco Andes Datar, Arnold Molina Azurin
· Remembering Minorities in Climate Action by James S. Pender - Tiempo Climate Newswatch
· Reflecting language diversity in children’s schooling: moving from ‘Why multilingual education’ to ‘How?’ by Helen Pinnock
· Can you understand the words I utter? by Zubair Torwali
· Online Journal - "Multilingual Education"

Past & Upcoming Events


· National Association for Bilingual Education. “Celebrating 40 years of Education Excellence in Reforming, Renewing and Achieving Equity through Bilingual Education and Biliteracy for All.”, U.S.A.; 16-18 February 2011
· International Mother Language Day, 21 February 2011
· SEAMEO - World Bank Project on Mother Tongue, Phase 2 Enhancing Awareness and Building the Capacity of SEAMEO in Establishing Mother tongue-based Multilingual Education (MLE) Programs, Thailand; 24 February 2011
· The 2011 Kabikolan Conference on Language and Education: An International Mother Language Day Celebration, The Philippines; 24 – 26 February 2011
· 32nd Annual Ethnography in Education Forum. “Immigration and Migration: Ethnography in Education in Dynamic Times and Spaces.”, The U.S.A.; 25-26 February 2011
· MTBMLE Summer Seminar-Workshop, The Philippines.; 4-15 April 2011
· Asia MLE WG Meeting, Thailand; 5 April 2011
· "Girls' and Women's Education," 2011 Global Action Week (GAW) on EFA, Worldwide; 2 - 8 May 2011
· 56th International Reading Addociation (IRA) Convention. “The Power of Literacy.”, U.S.A.; 8-11 May 2011

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