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Dear MLE friends,

A positive development at our northern neighbour Nepal: The establishment of a Multilingual Education (MLE) Resource Centre in Nepal has begun with the support of UNESCO. The Unesco website states here:

"The MLE documentation centre will: provide necessary academic and research support to optimize multi-pronged engagement in providing quality MLE in Nepal; guidance for planning and implementation of MLE programmes; coordination between different MLE activities providing documentation and information resources; networking of various MLE interest groups, institutions and individuals; and establishing linkages to optimize effective utilization of expertise and materials for MLE programmes."
I found it also encouraging to read the below:

"It is expected that with the support of the MoE, the MLE resource centre at CERID will contribute to developing satellites of MLE resource centres across Nepal."

I assume you all know that India already has a MLE Resource Centre. Their newsletters and the NMRC-Website are worth reading!



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