[MLE] New MTB-MLE International network website

Dear MLE friends,

A new MLE focussed international website has been set up that is certainly worth adding to your favourites: http://www.mlenetwork.org/

I enjoyed an article (with a nice 15 minute video) on the Lango Literacy project in Uganda. The Resource Basket has 7 subtopics with lots of articles. I e.g. clicked on "Policy" and found about 15 articles on the topic. There is also a way to submit new articles yourself.

Of course there is an events calender and there is a forum for discussions. I would recommend to subscribe to the website (Right hand corner) so that you have more privileges, can join in focus groups and get updates send to you.

Enjoy this new website!
[MLE] Karsten van Riezen
Education Consultant
SIL Int., South Asia Group

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Recommended sites: India: http://www.nmrc-jnu.org/; International: http://www.mlenetwork.org/

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