Saturday, June 27, 2015

[MLE] Bloom - Software to make reading materials

Software to build a Community Library


Just making a reading method for children in minortity language communities is not enough. They need books to read, many books! BLOOM software was recently selected as one of the three finalists in an "All Children Reading" software contest.

Bloom is a low-tech piece of sofware that helps with making books in any language. The website states:
  • "Bloom dramatically lowers the bar, so that many more people can get involved in building a large collection of local language books. Bloom was designed with new computer users in mind, and it has special features to guide them in simple book making, so people need far less training than alternatives such as Word, Publisher, or In Design."
I have heard from several people that BLOOM can handle non-Roman Scripts, but more than that, I learned that their helpdesk is very responsive when you happen to encounter a problem. Bloom has started a Bloom library in which you can share your books so that others can benefit from them. You as user can also benefit from the more than 150 books already in the library and can adjust them to the local situation.

Bloom links to the The Art of Reading which gives you access to over 10,000 black & white illustrations from around the world.

Worth trying!



  1. Congratulations to the developers of BLOOM as it indeed won the competion! See this newsitem for more details:

  2. Update:
    Bloom 3.6.1 was recently released on June 6th. If you have an older version installed, open it and the newer version will be installed automatically.

    As of June 3rd, there are 832 shellbooks in Bloom's Shellbook Library.

    You can search by Language, Topic or Region

    New experimental ePUB option in Publish Tab (Enable from Settings:Advanced)
    New experimental Talking Book recording/publishing. (Enable from Settings:Advanced.)
    If you have the latest Art Of Reading
    installed (version 3.1) (302 MBs), then you can now search for pictures in one of: Arabic, Chinese, Bengali, English, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, and Thai.

    Bloom's Help is well developed.