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LLF is looking for an Expert in Multilingual Education

In the many year this list is running, never a job offer was posted. But since the need that Dhir Jingran expressed below is so close to the heart of what this blog and mailing list is about, let us help Dhir to find a good person.

The Delhi based Language and Learning Foundation has a special focus on early language and literacy development for children with a different home language background. The three critical domains they are active in are:
  • Professional development of all the stakeholders involved with children' education, ranging from teachers to educational administrators. This would encompass rolling out general as well as customized workshops, courses on Early Literacy and Language, specialized courses on Multi Lingual Education, Assessments, Early Grade Reading Materials, Balanced Literacy, Developing Writing skills amongst children, Comprehension and so on.
  • Knowledge building and dissemination. The institute will anchor and support action based researches in pre-identified key areas. Alongside it will be instrumental in interpreting and customizing western researches to our context. This unit will also develop and disseminate various knowledge documents such as teacher's resources.
  • Project implementation- This unit will work closely with Government and other not-for profit institutions in designing and implementing effective literacy programs.
Below is a copy of the recruitment advertisement. Even though the given date has passed, Dhir has assured me that they have not yet found a qualified person. So if you know a person with experience in training in an MLE setting, please forward this advertisement to them and contact Dhir at the e-mail address given below.

LLF is hiring! We're looking for an Expert in Multilingual Education
Language and Learning Foundation (LLF) is a Delhi based non-profit organization with the vision of enhancing equitable student learning, especially language and literacy development, through professional development of teachers and teacher educators and building/sharing knowledge. One of the major areas of focus of LLF is early language and literacy development for children with a different home language background. LLF is looking to recruit a person with a deep understanding of concepts and strategies for using children's first languages in early grade classrooms and helping children acquire strong second (school) language proficiency in early grades, primarily for developing course content and presentation.

Name of the Position : Expert, Multilingual Education

Nature of Employment : Full-time; initially for 1 year contract and subsequent extension up to two years on the basis of performance.

Broad Job Description :
  1. Content writing, course development and implementation (70%)
  • Designing Professional Development Courses and Workshops on MLE (focus on teaching-learning of a second language)
  • Secondary research and material collation
  • Content development, e.g. writing modules, adapting readings, identifying videos etc. Also, coordination with outsourced writers and translators; review of translations
  • Collaborating with others (outsourced) for design, layout and video editing
  • Overall ensure quality control processes in the production and design of the content (for workshops, course and otherwise).
  • Managing overall course design timelines and plan.
  • Anchoring implementation of courses as per requirement
  • Provide academic leadership to mentors
  • Facilitate discussions with participants
  • Collating feedback; making revisions in course materials

  1. Knowledge Building (10%)
  • Identify research areas
  • Collate secondary researches on identified themes
  • Initiate some original research

  1. Project Implementation (20%)
  • Participate in conceptualizing, planning and implementation of projects in multilingual education
Qualifications :
  • Post-graduate, preferably in Education
  • Minimum 6-8 years of experience in developing training materials, program design and implementation of MLE programs and/or research in MLE. Academic writing skills in English and/or Hindi essential
  • Advance level knowledge of computers and software for module development
  • Result-oriented and ability to adjust to a fast, changing work environment associated with a young, growing organization

Compensation : Based on qualification and experience
The position reports to the Head of Programs.

Application process: Interested candidates may please apply to info@languageandlearningfoundation.org by 30 April 2016 by sending their CV and a cover letter in English and Hindi (not more than 250 words) that indicates your suitability for the job. Writing samples will be required to be submitted by shortlisted participants at a later stage.

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