[MLE] Government Initiatives Uttarakhand

Every now and then the state government education department picks up on the language issue. The Uttarakhand government is probably taking the lead on that. Based on a positive experience among the Jaunsari they have started to develop a book to utilize Gharwali and Kumauni in the classroom at the primary level.

The Pioneer is reporting that "After successful facilitation of an introductory book in Jaunsari language for teachers and students of primary schools in the Jaunsar-Bhabar region, the education authorities are planning to introduce similar books in Garhwali and Kumaoni languages in regions where they are spoken as the mother tongues.” Apparently the book is meant to bridge the gap between the teacher and students. The director of the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in Dehra Dun explains: "As teachers posted to such areas who may not be familiar with the local language often fail to relate because of the difference in language, this book has also been helpful in training them. The book has facilitated better two-way communication between the teachers and students."

We are looking forward to hear more about this experiment in these 3 communities.