[MLE] Advantages of learning different languages

Studies suggest that multilingualism has its benefits. (Getty Images)

Rather than dichotomizing the teaching of English against in any local language, professor Neeta Inamdar argues that research shows that a simultaneous approach of multiple languages works better.

In an article on "Advantages of learning different languages are many" in the Hindustani Times she states that the in India commonly used immersion model is not effective: “Primary evidence is that those who have gone through ... bilingual education are better bilinguals–proficient in both the languages – than those coming out of the immersion model where everything is taught in English to students since early childhood." She gives examples from Europe and India were children are simultaneously taught in more than one language. "There are equally good number of studies that show that children have such cognitive abilities that they can easily learn four languages when young.. "

Let us continue our efforts to prove that this is true!