Webinar Resources from Language Learning Foundation on MLE on YouTube

The Language Learning Foundation has been generous enough to share their  webinar series which discusses the complexities of Multilingual Education in the Indian linguistic context in light of the National Education Policy 2020 and NIPUN Bharat guidelines. These webinars were organised during the month of August - September, 2022 and are readily available resources accessible on YouTube. The webinar links have been provided in the titles below and in the Resources section. 

Three webinars were organised. The first two were conducted in Hindi, and the third one in English. The links and details of each webinar are given below. The speakers’ contributions were very valuable as the speakers were experts in their fields belonging to institutions such as Harvard, NCERT, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, UNICEF, LLF, experienced teachers,  and MLE specialists. 

Webinar 1: Inclusion of the Children’s Home Languages in Foundational Learning

This Webinar discussed the importance of including the children’s home languages in education and the concept of multilingual education and its strategies for different language situations. It also discussed the possible obstacles to implementing the new National Education Policy guidelines and the solutions. 

Webinar 2: Language Mapping: An Instrument for Adopting the Varied Multilingual Education Strategies

As per the guidelines of National Education Policy 2020 and NIPUN Bharat, for the first time in India, Language Mapping has been done in Chhattisgarh. In this webinar, the objectives of this language mapping, the procedures of its implementation, and the strategies adopted based on the results were discussed. 


Webinar 3 - Multilingual Education: Approaches around the World

This episode of the webinar series explored the global approach to MLE In the primary years of schooling. 

These Webinars are not only a vault of knowledge in themselves but also an easily accessible resource available on YouTube. They are also available in Hindi which make them accessible to many. Be sure to access them on the given links. 

While you are at it, you might also also check out other videos on the LLF YouTube channel.

Happy watching/learning!


Karsten van Riezen and Upasana Lepcha


  1. Webinar 1-LIVE - MLE Webinar - विषय - सीखने में बच्चों के घर की भाषाओं का महत्व ( 18 August 2022 )

  2. Webinar 2-Multilingual education in Primary grades - Webinar 2

  3. Webinar 3-Multilingual education in Primary grades - Webinar 3 

  4. https://languageandlearningfoundation.org/