SAMVAD Lecture Series by NCERT on Multilingual Education

It was a tremendous privilege to give a SAMVAD lecture at NCERT on Multilingual Education. Thank you Dr Sandhya Singh and Rama Meganathan for the invitation and warm welcome. It was good seeing some old friends like Binay Pattanayak there!

The SAMVAD Lecture Series was hosted by NCERT(National Council of Education Research and Training) and is available on their official YouTube channel for public viewing on the 10th of January, 2024.  The presentation  was titled MLE developments across the world and the current India policies and National Education Policy 2020 and the National Curriculum Framework 2023.” Some of the main sections of the presentation looked at the Global picture, the Indian scenario in the development of Multilingual Education(MLE), and the current initiatives/resources that are available. 

The lecture began by introducing the definition of MLE and the rationale behind using MLE in education. Recent research studies were described which support the benefits of using MLE in education, reflected in many practical situations. Further, the lecture delved into the challenges MLE is facing and some of the good practices existing today. 

Within the Indian scenario, the presentation looked at the policies on MLE, the National Education Policy 2020, and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2023). It also covered the state wise initiative on MLE in India. Finally, the lecture was rounded out with current initiatives, worldwide and regional meetings, workshops, and the listing of resources such as websites, blogs, and relevant research.  


Karsten, in collaboration with Upasana Lepcha


Live Streaming : SAMVAD LECTURE SERIES - Lecture starts at 16:27 mins into the video