[Avian Flu] Shell book available

Dear MLE interest group,
Several of you have shown interest in the below mentioned opportunity. I
just learned that an NGO has produced the shell-book in the Vasavi language.
The Vasavi-Kholchi tribe lives right in the centre of the place in
Maharashtra where the disease broke out. 5000 copies were printed and are
now under distribution.
Is anybody aware of other initiatives?
The website reference in the below message was not so detailed. The
following link is more direct:

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Subject: FW: [Avian Flu] Shell book available
Dear MLE Interest group,
The bird Flu came to India. Tribal communities are at risks since they often
do not have access to the relevant information. There is a shell book
available with lots of illustrations which can be translated into any
language. Is that something that could be done?
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some of the folks in India perhaps would find the materials helpful that
we've posted on our website www.sil.org/literacy
The booklet, leaflet and posters on risk and prevention are made for
community/village level

working together.

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