[MLE] Good resource

Dear MLE Interest group,
Some of you have asked for case studies on Multi Lingual Education (MLE) in
non-western countries. Attached is a beautiful booklet on an African
example. It is titled: Universal Primary Education in Multilingual
Societies; Supporting its Implementation in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.
I am sorry for the large file size. I hope you are all aware of the filter
option in Outlook and other e-mail programmes which can prevent you from
getting in these large message when inconvenient, but than allow you to
download them later while having a good connection.

Karsten van Riezen
Education Consultant, SIL Int.
SIL, South Asia Group.
From: Susan Malone [mailto:susan_malone@sil.org]
Sent: 27 June 2006 19:43
To: Kimmo Kosonen;
Cc: AdIndia@sil.org
Subject: Good resource
 GTZ is one of the strongest organizations working in MLE in Africa.  This
booklet might be a good resource for your awareness-raising efforts. Susan