[MLE] 4th International Conference on Language and Education, 6-8 Nov. 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

Dear MultiLingual Education friends,

Below is  the invitation and abstract submission call for 4th International Conference on Language and Education which is held from 6 to 8 Nov, 2013, in Bangkok, Thailand. This conference is hosted by 14 national and international organization this year such as UNESCO, UNICEF, Room to Read, SIL International, etc.

Notice that submission deadline of participant’s abstract is by the end of this month and registration deadline is by the end of Aug. (See message from UNESCO below, which includes a list of speakers)

Please visit the conference website for detailed information.
It will be good to have a good representation from India there!



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Dear Colleagues,
 We would just like to remind you that abstract submission deadline for the upcoming International Conference on Language and Education: Multilingual Education for All in Asia and the Pacific – Policies, Practices and Processes is approaching soon. For those who haven’t submitted their abstracts, please do so by 30 April 2013.
We are excited to announce the following confirmed plenary speakers:
·        Dr. Fernand de Varennes
·        Dr. Jim Cummins (Video Presentation)
·        Dr. Joseph Lo Bianco
·        Dr. Kathleen Heugh
More speakers will be added shortly on our conference website.
Please visit the conference website for further information: http://www.lc.mahidol.ac.th/mleconf2013/about.htm
Hope to see you all in Bangkok in November!
Best regards,

Kyungah Kristy Bang (Ms.)
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Multilingual Education Working Group (MLE WG)
Asia and Pacific Programme of Education for All
UNESCO Bangkok
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