[MLE] 700+ Photos on Education ; Global Partnership for Education

Dear MLE friends,

Global Partnership for Education has uploaded 700+ education photos from around the world on a photo gallery on Flickr. There are 96 photos of schools from different parts of India such as Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, etc. To download those, click the next link.

Please don’t forget to give credit to the photographer and GPE (Global Partnership for Education) and enjoy watching the photos. 

More details:
http://www.educationforallblog.org/education/education-pictured Global Partnership for Education
See 700+ beautiful education photos from around the world in our new photo gallery on Flickr.
If you are looking for a photo to illustrate your education articles or blogs, check out our gallery and feel free to download any photo (with proper credit to GPE and the photographer). Our Creative Commons license lets you use our photos in any non-commercial applications.  

Thanks to Diane Wroge for the tip.



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