[MLE] Multiple MLE Resources - Susan Malone

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Many of you might have met Dr. Susan Malone at one of her lectures during visits to India. As she has been training and mentoring teachers, supervisors, trainers and planners all across the globe she generated lots of articles, training modules and other resources that now have been made available for all of us.

Dr. Susan Malone started her career in the 80s in Papua New Guinea, first as a technical advisor in the Kaugel language community and then to the PNG Department of Education in support of mother tongue education for preschool children. She also served as an SIL literacy and education consultants in Africa, Asia and the Pacific for many years. During that time she visited India several times, spoke at conferences and conducted trainings. Also nowadays she is involved as an advisor to MLE related work in India. Through her writings and trainings she has greatly influenced the thinking around Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education. She is probably best known for her “Essential Components of Successful MTB MLE programs.”

For all of these components now resources have been gathered on the SIL-Lead MTB MLE Resources website. Susan herself writes about this: “My hope …  is that those in the process of planning and implementing MTB MLE programs will adapt and use these materials so they ‘fit’ the specific context.”
Thank you, Susan!