[MLE] Resources from Indian Soil - Book and Video

Prof Ajit Mohanty recently published a book on multilingual realities and Dr Dhir Jingran was interviewed for a video on multilingual teaching. Both worth taking note of.

Prof Mohanty is a well know player in the field of Multilingual Education in India and abroad because of his multiple books and lectures on the topic as well as the founding of National Multilingual Education Resource Centre under Jawaharlal Nehru University. His most recent book “The Multilingual Reality: Living with Languages“ is described as “a multidisciplinary analysis of the meaning and dynamics of multilingualism from the perspectives of multilingual communities in the margins. Its comparative analysis of language-in-education policies and applications of multilingual education in diverse contexts shows some promises and challenges in the education of indigenous/tribal/minority children.”

Dr Dhir Jingran was as IAS officer a strong proponent of the use of local languages in the classrooms. He worked later with Room to Read and now director of his own NGO called Language and Learning Foundation . He was recently interviewed on the topic on his experiences. If you have 20 minutes, watch this video on multilingual teaching.

Good memories on partnering with these men. Good to note these contributions!