[MLE] New UNESCO publication: Improving the Quality of Mother Tongue-based Literacy and Learning

Dear MLE friends, UNESCO Bangkok released last week their latest publication on L1-based education. The book includes case studies from about 19 initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America . There is also a study on India written by Dr Barkataki of the  State Resource Centre in Assam . The book can be downloaded from the net. See details below.

[MLE] National Assessment of Adult Learning and Education

Dear MLE friends, In this mailing list most attention has gone to primary education. However, also for adult education the language issue is vital for success. It is therefore good to note that next week the Directorate of Adult Education is organising a two day Seminar-cum-Workshop in collaboration with the Central Institute of Indian Languages on "Imparting Literacy through Non scheduled Languages"(ie. languages other than State/National Language).

[MLE] FW: Portal: Teachers of India

Dear MLE friends, The below mentioned website for teachers was launched in 5 languages: English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telegu. It has several interesting articles and has potential to put some articles on MLE on. Thanks, Troy , for passing it on.

[MLE] Translation excercise for 22 languages

Dear MLE friends, A corpus of material in the local language is necessary for any Multi Lingual Education (MLE) project to succeed. In the attached articles it is announced that Central Institute of Indian Languages will take up a major translation project into all “eight schedule” languages.

[MLE] Just published: Why Languages Matter ~ MDGs

Dear MLE friends, The below mentioned brochure makes a clear link between Language Development and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). For those of us active in the NGO world and government this might be useful.