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The MLE-India mailing list

The India MLE mailing list was started informally several years ago. As contacts were made with people interested in mother tongue based literacy and education, SIL International Education Consultant, Karsten van Riezen, started to send around news items related to MLE and relevant for India. Soon more and more people subscribed, even from neighbouring countries. The list now includes over 140 names of people working in government offices, universities, NGOs and people organisations.
You can subscribe to the mailing by sending an e-mail to Karsten_van_Riezen@SIL.org with “MLE Subscribe” in the subject line. Unsubscribe is easy to: just write “unsubscribe' in the subject line of an e-mail.


The MLE-India Blog

As, over time, a lot of information has been disseminated via the mailing list the need has arisen to archive the items in an accessible way. The MLE-India blog has been designed to provide the listed subscribers with an easily accessible site to access previous postings. Because a search engine is included in the site, people can easily find information on specific topics. The blog is also accessible to search engines, so anybody interested in MLE can now have access to the information.


The blog does not allow to attach documents to entries. Documents that were attached to MLE-mails had therefore to be stored elsewhere. If you look for a attachment, look in the right-hand pane for “attachment”. If you click on that you will be directed to a NetBox site. Scroll down till you find the file you need and double click on it to open it. In the course of time we might be able to find a better way to handle this.


Disclaimer and suggestions

This blog is an informal way to share MLE-related information. The blogger neither claims credit or responsibility for the reports and events shared through this mailing list.
Any contributions, news items or suggestions are most welcome. This blog is meant to serve you and, through you, the minority-language communities in India!
Delhi, Jan 2011
Karsten van Riezen
SIL Intl Education Consultant

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