Celebrating International Mother Language Day with out new & updated blog!

Dear Reader,

Congratulations on International Mother Language Day 2023! On this day we are thrilled to share with you that the MLE-Inda blog has been updated now with the most current information. You can find much more information on Multilingual Education on our pages dedicated to Multilingual Policies in India, MLE Projects, MLE related resources and books and our latest new page on the Historical Overview of MLE in India. You can also read the latest blog on MLE in Andhra Pradesh for the month of February, 2023. 

Please note that this Blog and the  resources mentioned here are a work in progress. Therefore, we invite you to point out any inconsistencies and share any updated information, should you have it. We also accept suggestions if you have any for the blog. 

We also request you to share our blog as a resource to anyone who is interested in the cause of Multilingual Education, mother tongue and language related issues. Please feel free to send us information on any courses, books and articles on Multilingual Education that you want to broadcast on our blog. 

On this Mother Language Day I am also proud to announce that our friend Dr. Mahendra Kumar Mishra is being awarded the International Mother Tongue Language award for 2023 by UNESCO. This award is in addition to many other awards and accolades he has received for his work in the safeguarding and promotion of tribal languages in India. You can find more about this on this news report here

Let us know what you think about our updates or any other comments / queries at -exec-asst_aed-east@sil.org and at karsten_van_riezen@sil.org  

Thank you


Karsten and Upasana