[MLE] What do the tribal people themselves think?

Dear MLE friends, Most of the articles, research papers and newspaper clippings in this list are building a case to support MLE. However, there are also other voices. Some claiming that the tribal people themselves do not want it. Attached is an article making that claim. This brings out an important question: it seems that at this point the academic and NGO world is quite convinced that a multilingual approach will be best for the children on the long run, but have we been able to interact sufficient with the tribal communities themselves on this? Have we been able to find leaders who really represent the voice of the people themselves?

[MLE] Jharkhand: Tribal and regional language development

Dear MLE friends, Some good news from Jharkhand: chief minister Madhu Koda made tall promises for the betterment of the tribal and regional languages. Read on…

[MLE] Fwd: [Edling] Hyderabad: Demand for tribal language academy

Dear MLE friends, Below some news on the demand for a special academy for development of tribal languages in Hyderabad . See reference below.

[MLE] Language Development Conference in Thailand Jul 1-3 ; call for papers

Dear MLE friends, Below is the announcement of an excellent conference on MLE which is here in the region. Last time (2003?) there was quite a group from India participating and giving good papers. I trust that will work out this time again.

[MLE] 2008 Education for All Global Monitoring Report.doc

Dear MLE friends, I think it is for the first time that the AFA monitoring report has a section on MLE. Also India is mentioned in it. The relevant section is attached. See below.