Monday, May 30, 2011

[MLE] Resources for Multilingual Education in India (NMRC)

Dear MLE Friends,

The National Multilingual Education Resource Consortium (NMRC) just published an excellent overview of MLE related resources in India. It gives a brief description for each items and a snapshot picture. There is also a list with names of experts. Worth looking at!

Link: The table of content is copied below.

Monday, May 23, 2011

[MLE] Book, 'Dreams and Realities : Developing Countries and the English Language'

Dear MLE friends,

The British Council has recently published a collection of papers examining the relationship between language and development.  The book, 'Dreams and Realities : Developing Countries and the English Language', can be downloaded at .

There is also a paper on India in this collection titled:
4. Language policy in education and the role of English in India: From library language to language of empowerment. It has lots of interesting information on the use of the majority languages in the classrooms, but has no references to the issue of minority languages and the projects in mother tongue based multilingual education. Anybody likes to challenge the publishers on that?

[MLE] UNESCO commissions study on multilingual education in Nepal

Dear MLE friends,

Good news from our northern neighbour: the Multilingual Education efforts in Nepal have been noticed and will be evaluated. The Unesco website states:
The study will review the government’s commitment towards multilingual education, analyse the current practices and impacts on children’s performance, and evaluate the attitudes of education authorities and parents towards multilingual education.

[MLE] Overview of MLE Courses and activities

Dear MLE friends,

Several people asked what kind of courses are offered related to MLE. Therefore a page has been added to the MLE-India blog with a list of MLE related courses and events.

Monday, April 25, 2011

[MLE] Funding: Genographic Legacy Fund grants

Dear MLE friends,

Below is a funding opportunity that might be relevant for some of your projects.

[MLE] New World Bank Education Strategy published

Dear MLE Friends,

The World Bank's new education strategy  was published earlier this week. For the first time it includes a statement on the language of instruction. In the section on children between the ages of 6 and 8 it states: "Children in these age groups benefit from the instructional use of their mother tongue, combined with instruction in the dominant language.".

The phrasing seems a bit weak is it leaves space for early exit strategies (meaning a quick transition to the language of wider communication). A study like the one from Kathleen Heugh "Optimizing Learning and Education in Africa – the Language Factor" suggests that only programmes that spend several years in the mother tongue book the success needed.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[MLE] Free access to Routledge education journals till end April

Dear MLE friends,

There are several journals related to Multicultural Education that are of interest to MLE practitioners and scholars. Below is an overview from one particular publisher. The articles can be read on-line for free. But If I understand it right it will only be free till the end of this month. Enjoy it!