[MLE] International Conf-Language Education & Diversity-Nov 2007-New Zealand

Dear Interest group, The below conference might be of interest to several of us.

[MLE] Workshop on Multilingual Education, 10-21 July 2006, Bangkok

Dear Interest group, A two weeks workshop on Multi Lingual Education (MLE). I hope some of us can attend.

[MLE] On-line journal with relevant articles

Dear Interest group, For your information.

[MLE] Asia-Pacific EFA Mid-Decade assessment: Meeting Report Available online

Dear MLE friends, UNESCO Bangkok has recently published a report on the latest Asia-Pacific EFA coordinators' meeting that took place in October 2005. The book is available online at Section 1.5 of the book is on language issues .

[MLE] Consolidated Reply: Education of Tribal Children,from Social Mobilisation for Poverty Alleviation,Orissa (Experiences)

Dear Interest group, Below is a relevant and interesting e-mail discussion in which some of you participated. Good to read that language is getting quite some attention in this discussion. Happy reading/participating!