[MLE] The blog is celebrating its first birthday!

Dear multilingual education friends,
The MLE India webblog is celebrating its first birthday! A good excuse for giving it a easier URL www.mle-india.net and a facelift: have look at the new lay-out.
The site is more than just a list of the postings on the MLE mailing list. It also has the following pages:

      • MLE Related Projects: An overview of multilingual education related projects in India

      • MLE Related Books : An overview of written resources related to multilingual education with relevance to India

      • MLE Related Policies: Relevant sections from the Indian constitution, the National Curriculum Framework and the Right to Education Act.

      • MLE related Courses & Events : Courses and workshops offered in this region on multilingual education

The informal mailing list has been functioning since 2005. The blog now contains nearly 200 posts sorted by date. You can use the search engine on the right end to look for posting on a specific topic.
This birthday can be a good excuse to forward the new URL www.MLE-India.net to your education friends via Facebook, Linkedin or otherwise. That way we can all help to keep the value of language on the radar of our education friends.
Any feed-back welcome.

PS There are plenty of other websites and communication channels with each its own niche. To mention a few:

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Education Consultant,
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