[MLE] Advocacy booklet for policy makers / Susan Malone

Dear MLE interest group, Most articles and documents written on Multi Lingual Education (MLE) are for a broad audience and policy makers will neglect it. Attached is one especially written for policy makers. May it be of help to some of you.

[MLE] International Conf-Language Education & Diversity-Nov 2007-New Zealand

Dear Interest group, The below conference might be of interest to several of us.

[MLE] Workshop on Multilingual Education, 10-21 July 2006, Bangkok

Dear Interest group, A two weeks workshop on Multi Lingual Education (MLE). I hope some of us can attend.

[MLE] On-line journal with relevant articles

Dear Interest group, For your information.

[MLE] Asia-Pacific EFA Mid-Decade assessment: Meeting Report Available online

Dear MLE friends, UNESCO Bangkok has recently published a report on the latest Asia-Pacific EFA coordinators' meeting that took place in October 2005. The book is available online at Section 1.5 of the book is on language issues .

[MLE] Consolidated Reply: Education of Tribal Children,from Social Mobilisation for Poverty Alleviation,Orissa (Experiences)

Dear Interest group, Below is a relevant and interesting e-mail discussion in which some of you participated. Good to read that language is getting quite some attention in this discussion. Happy reading/participating!

[Avian Flu] Shell book available

Dear MLE interest group, Several of you have shown interest in the below mentioned opportunity. I just learned that an NGO has produced the shell-book in the Vasavi language. The Vasavi-Kholchi tribe lives right in the centre of the place in Maharashtra where the disease broke out. 5000 copies were printed and are now under distribution. Is anybody aware of other initiatives? The website reference in the below message was not so detailed. The following link is more direct: